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Hey guys. Last night was weird. I went to see Cypress Hill at Starland. It started at like 8 and we got there at likje 5:50. Sick, we were the first ones in. I got so many scars and bruises it was the craziest show I've ever been to. They were really late and shit, but oh wells. People were passin blunts around and I got stoned as anything. There was this HOT AS HELL kid named Brian who was 17 next to me for lik 3 hours. We talked briefly and I was staring at him so long. He had a lip ring, it wasn't a was one of those studs with the balls. Hot as shit. He had a Throwdown hat on and a red bandana. He was wearing this black zip up hoodie that said "SR NJ" which I thought meant South River, New Jersey. Probably didn't. On the hood it said "somethingology" It was a weird coinkidink though. Met this other guy. Spent some time with him. Crowdsurfed and went on stage with Cypress Hill. Danced around. Talked to some other guys. Ate pizza. Sat down with the guy I met first. He was mad they took his blunt, makes no sense. Cypress Hill was smoking on stage. Whatever. Walked home cause I was high and confused. My mom picked me up on the side of the rode at 1:30. Now I'm grounded. I "can't go to The Used next week". Fuck that, I'm going. Believe me, I'm going. I already got my fucking ticket. Uhm,.....yea. Cypress Hill was the shit, seriously I didn't think the show would be this fucking awesome. Propz guys, propz.
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